Scientifically Sound Records

The Science of Sound

Scientifically Sound Records is a Baltimore, Maryland recording company with an interest in Musique Concrète, and also experimental music, lofi music and interesting music. Unless otherwise noted, all material was produced by Jim Doran at the Theoretical Audio Laboratory in Baltimore City.

Recent Releases from the Theoretical Audio Laboratory

Jim Doran's album the Old San Juan
The Old San Juan
2022, digital album
Made with sounds and video recorded in Puerto Rico. More about this release can be found on this blog post.
Jim Doran's album The Goldberg Variations
The Goldberg Variations
2022, digital album
A lofi loop-based recording described more fully on this this blog post.
Jim Doran's album Music to Hear Blindfolded
Music to Hear Blindfolded
2021, cassette only
Music that has inspired and accompanied animated films. Learn more with this this blog post. You can also BUY IT HERE.
Jim Doran's album The Septic Blank
The Septic Blank
2020, digital album
Completed as part of the RPM challenge, this collection features loops, musique concrète and some human playing. Have a listen at this blog post.
Jim Doran's album The Septic Bank
The Spetic Bank
2019, digital album
Percussion music recorded on a homemade electric drumset.
Bazooka Joe, Imbalance
Bazooka Joe Imbalance
1995, CD (from skoda records) + digital album
Baltimore's mighty noise trio from the 80's and 90's. Recorded at Oz studio on Biddle street in Baltimore, MD for Merkin Records and Skoda Records. Listen here.